Finding relevant and pertinent insurance protection for commercial and residential properties can be a struggle for landlords, but as your broker, we have access to market leading cover offering all that a landlord requires.

We can help landlords navigate what can be a huge issue – the potential trap of the sum insured and the insurance law of ‘average’. Now it is possible to steer clear of the pitfall of underinsurance, if an RICS-accredited chartered surveyor’s professional valuation is provided when policy cover is taken out.

This cover rightly lays claim to offering ‘10 of the best’ – elements that landlords have previously struggled to find in a commercial or residential landlords’ insurance policy, or for which an extra charge has typically had to be paid, making our exclusive option well worth considering. Automatic accidental damage cover and subsidence cover are offered as standard – the latter being a real bonus after last year’s heatwave and drought.

Another key area ticking a landlords’ box is rental income protection, providing cover for lost rental income should damage occur before a new tenant moves in. Any costs incurred in housing them elsewhere will also be picked up as per the policy details.

There is not only protection for fixtures and fittings, outbuildings and annexes, but also for components of the property, such as walls, fences and car parks, and those more likely to be found in a high net worth rental property, such as a tennis court.

Scenarios such as flood, lightning and explosion are covered, along with theft cover and tenant damage protection. Whether property is damaged by a leakage of oil, or an infestation of vermin, we can ensure you will have cover for the agreed cost of repairs and reinstatement.

The exclusive arrangement to which we have access also protects landlords against outbreaks of infectious diseases within a mile of their property, which might render their properties impossible to access. Up to three months’ rent will be covered if that is the case.

Costs incurred via the legal obligation to recycle items that have been left at the premises by fly-tippers can also be claimed. Should a landlord with a portfolio of properties accidentally forget to name one property, that is seen just as a natural mistake.

Whilst landlords’ covers continue to focus on practical losses, such as the provision of replacement keys and modern-day issues such as unauthorised occupants and the utility bills they may rack-up, the world of landlord insurance is also embracing less tangible losses.

Reputational damage is one of these and our exclusive option offers up to £2500 of PR support to handle a media crisis and carefully manage a landlord’s image.

Such covers provide a real step-up for landlords who need wide-ranging coverage for their property. Discovering how this can protect your portfolio can be done in just one phone call, so contact us now.


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